How to Replace an Auto Car Windshield

How to Replace an Auto Car Windshield

People usually emphasize more on major car parts like engines when it comes to repairs or maintenance. But do you know wholesale car windshields are equally essential and require much care? Windshield problems like cracks, chipping, or fogginess may hinder your view of the road. Some cases call for a complete replacement, especially if the crack is right in the middle. Small cracks on the side can be repaired at a small fee. A professional needs to conduct the replacement process and follow the necessary steps. This post shows steps for replacing an auto glass car windshield.

Steps for replacing an auto glass car windshield

An auto glass car windshield is made of multi-layered laminated glass attached to a thin film sheet. The glass and film fusing requires high heat and pressure, creating a shatter-free windshield. Check out the various high-quality windshields on Alibaba for your car. Below are the replacement steps.

Trim removal

The trim holds the windshield in place, preventing it from flying off. The removal procedure isn’t that easy since the trim is quite firm. The professional uses a razor to loosen it bit by bit until they cover the entire windshield. They can now pull off the trim leaving the windshield free. While this step requires a slow pace, it is quite effective when done right.

Windshield removal

The windshield may be faulty but careful removal is vital. It is lifted from the car using large suction cups. The mechanic sticks them onto the glass and pops them out while holding the cup handles; this prevents breakage while handling it. Doing so guarantees safety to the mechanic. You will also be sure that some random glasses won’t tear your car exterior.

Preparation of the pinch weld

The windscreen doesn’t fully attach to the car body. They have a gap called a pinch weld which holds the windshield’s edges. Cleaning it is next once the screen is removed since matter like dust, dirt, or urethane builds up with time. The cleaning creates room for the new windscreen, allowing it to fit within the gap and be held firmly.

Urethane application

The old urethane and dirt are cleared, and a fresh coat is applied. It is done on the edges of the pinch weld to act as an adhesive and hold the windshield. Urethane sets very fast, so the mechanic must be quick to avoid drying.

Windshield application

Once the pinch weld is ready, the new windscreen is installed. It is fitted carefully over the car opening and adjusted as needed. It is then pushed into place using the same suction cups and held there for a few minutes. The cups are removed once the urethane starts to set. The glass is left to cure for an hour or two, and the process is complete.


Alibaba auto glass car windshields are solid and long-lasting. However, don’t worry about the changing procedure once you have a major crack. The windshield replacement process is quick and straightforward. After purchasing a new one, you can have it installed within a few hours and proceed with your day.