Everything you must know about Paintball Bunker

Everything you must know about Paintball Bunker

If you are going here and there and finding what is meant by paintball bunkers and how they work, you are at the right place for that. Before letting you know about the paintball bunker, you should see the term paintball bunkering. The term bunkering usually refers to attacking some enemy who is hidden beside a bunker.

Paintball bunker is a game that can be played by both young children and kids. In this game, you will usually need a bunker with a gum-containing paintball. If you want to play a kind of hide and seek, then a paintball bunker is a good one for you. You can buy a paintball bunker from some trusted online shops, or you can make this bunker at home. There are many ways through which you can make a paintball bunker at home for the enjoyment of your kids.

How you can bunk in a paintball bunker

There are many pro tips that will make you a good player of paintball bunker. The most important point is that you only have to bunker someone if there is a need. If you have the following issues to consider in your game, you can easily bunker someone;

  • There should be at least three opponents on the ground
  • You should have few people alive on your team
  • You should continuously run toward the opponent
  • The opponent should be present in your camp
  • The opponent should not be aware of your location

What should be your strategy if you are bunkered in a paintball bunker?

There is always a dual side to a page. If you are not enjoying one side, you can easily turn to the page. The same is the case with paintball bunker, of you are caught by your enemy and bunkered, do not lose hope and do the following things;

  • You should rest on the door, which is near the entrance, and should wait to restart the game.
  • You can stand your companions in opposite directions to each other
  • You should throw out a ball outside
  • Then you should do a cruel fire on the bunker.

How can you get your paintball bunker?

You can get by a paintball bunker from some online shop, or you can make it at home by yourself with the help of many cardboards or other materials. Mostly there are two types of paintball bunkers.

  • Home-made paintball bunker
  • Inflated paintball bunker

Home-made paintball bunker

There are many things at home from which you can make your paintball bunker. In case you don't find any online bunker or do not have money to buy, then you can make it by using stacks of sandbags, a stack of old garbage containers, large wasted containers, grooved cardboard, tires, and from barrels.

Inflated paintball bunker

Inflated paintball bunkers are usually available in online shops and are made up of plastic. Inflated paintball bunkers are in different colors and shapes, making your game attractive and joyful. The main benefits you can get from it are that they are not fixed in one place.

Bottom line

Were you enjoying the paintball bunker by reading this article? You will enjoy it more if you have planned to buy inflated paintball bunkers because they are so cute and colorful to play with.