Different Types of Mini Trencher Machines

Different Types of Mini Trencher Machines

Trenchers are vital equipment for digging cable, drainage, or pipe trenches. The size of the trench needed usually determines the kind of trencher machine for the project. Most workers use heavy-duty machines though they are not always necessary. You can get a mini trencher from Alibaba, which works perfectly on small channels without using as much energy. Trenchers perform varying tasks, so it's essential to choose the right one for the job. We point out the different types of mini trencher machines below.

Types of mini trencher machines

The scope of trenchers available is vast. You must factor in elements like project size, material to be dug, etc., before buying. Also, it's easy to pick the correct one if you understand the uses. Some do more than digging, for example, draining a construction site, cutting roots, and scooping dirt. The standard models are;

Portable trenchers

They are mini-trench diggers perfect for small projects like lawns. Despite the size, they are quite effective in what they do. Since they don't go that deep, you can also use them to dig water lines, sprinklers, or light cable trenches. Despite being small, their precision is way better than a shovel. If your project needs these portable trenchers, the best thing to do is go for the best.

Chain trenchers

They resemble chainsaws hence the name. The machine works on hard dirt, which is difficult to dig with standard excavators. You will love how they effectively dig even in areas that seem quite hardy. The trenchers have a boom that helps get the desired cut and depth at the right angle. Chain trenchers are more versatile than others. They are ideal for narrow trenches which go far deep. That means they can handle a lot of projects without having to source for alternatives.


Large construction companies always have these machines on site. They are great, particularly for digging extensive trenches or channels. An example is pipeline installation which requires broad and deep grooves to accommodate the pipes. The skimmers are accurate and dig up to 3m beneath the surface. Most companies that need extended trenches that pass across any place embrace this machine.

Wheel trenchers

Significant differences between them and the chin trenchers are the shape of the saw and the type of dirt they handle. Wheel trenchers have a circular saw blade for cutting through materials or surfaces. Users can use them on huge rocks or roots below the soil. These machines are suitable for both hard and soft ground.

Edging trenchers

The trenchers don't go as deep as other trenching machines. They dig small trenches around the house, close to sidewalks, flower gardens, etc. You can use them to install edging material after the digging. They are more common in homes than on construction sites.

In summary

Manual trenchers are among the types of trenchers though they are not as reliable. They include shovels and hoes. They may work on small projects but are tiring and not accurate. Get trenchers from Alibaba suppliers with the best equipment in terms of quality, versatility, and variety. Consider your projects and the materials to dig before choosing mini trencher machines.